4 DIY Home Remedies for Your Back Pain


Some people experience back pains irrespective of their age. The pains are triggered by various factors such as improper diet, stress effects, poor posture, lack of constant physical exercise, muscle tension, pregnancy, excess body weight, and many others. In most cases, such pains may be accompanied by difficulties in standing up, bending down, and sitting down comfortably. It may also reduce motion and flexibility of your body system. A series of home tasks can ease the pain and slowly eliminate the common health effects that may develop into serious complications. Have a close look at some activities that will help to cure your back pains.

Perform Massage with Mustard Oil while Warm

Mustard oil makes a perfect liniment that can be used to relieve your back pains. Apply this oil while warm to your back and gently massage from the upper section to the lower back, touching all the sections. The warm oil has the ability of encouraging the flow of blood to your back, especially your spinal cord. This reduces pains and aches in the region. Make sure to target the back areas that are experiencing the most pain when doing the massage.

Walk on hilly regions

Walking is an effective medication and physical therapy for low-back pains. Walking is a physical activity of your body that involves the muscles in the abdomen and back while strengthening them without overworking the entire system. As the muscles are worked, activities such as tissue repair and blood circulation improve in your body. Doing it on a hill makes it better for your physical therapy. In this case, you will have to lift your leg higher than walking on a flat surface. Walking may be done for at least 20 minutes a day, four days a week.

Apply Ice

Avoid the notion that ice can only be used immediately after you get an injury. Ice will help you reduce inflammation and pain in your back areas. Place a bag of frozen peas or a gel pack in the freezer of your refrigerator. Using a thin cloth, wrap it and apply gently to the affected areas of your lower back for almost 10 minutes. Do this several times each day.

Take lots of Lemon Juice

A major cause of chronic back pains is deficiency of vitamin C in your body. Lemon juice is a beverage that is rich in Vitamin C that will help ease back pains and aches.

If these methods don't seem to make a difference, it may be time to contact a physio clinic in our area and start physical therapy. 


14 March 2016

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